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Corporate Identity Guidelines:

A meaningful corporate identity reflects the company's strong cohesion and core ideas. It is not only an icon, it is a symbol of the company's thriving business. Lei De insists on pure handmade craftsmanship, integrates art into life, and creates a pioneer in luxury bathroom.

Icon concept:

Inheritance, courageous attachment

Theoretical sources:

The design of the logo originated from the Tai Chi icon of ancient Chinese civilization. It bears the civilization history of China for more than 5,000 years and symbolizes the harmony of yin and yang. Tai Chi was born with two instruments, and two instruments were born with four images. This is consistent with our modern pursuit: equality, mutual benefit, and harmonious coexistence. The core of our cooperation is equality, mutual benefit, harmonious coexistence, and career sharing. Lei De inherits the traditional ideas of ancient civilizations and strives to seek breakthroughs. This gives new meaning to the icons. Through the ancient times, the future is infinitely extended. This is a new era in which ancient civilizations seek development.

Corporate purposes:

People-oriented, create value, love career, respect labor

Corporate values:

Integrity and pragmatism, cooperation and sharing

Pursue maximization of customer interests, maximization of labor value, maximization of talent value, maximization of business value

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